We’ll fix it now, save the post to yourself, show it to your friends and relax while the baby is sleeping

😴Children’s sleep is very important, however, the daily rhythms of the baby differ from those of the parents, so sometimes it is not possible to put the child to bed using the usual methods. Let’s start with a simple — the usual ritual. Do you have it?

👉 For example, 30 minutes before bedtime, noise sources are turned off, the baby is bathed, fed and rocked for some time. This is the easiest option, you can change it depending on your age, for example, add a massage or read a fairy tale, and only then take it to the crib. The child will get used to these actions and will subconsciously understand the chain — washed and fed, so it’s time to sleep soon

🛌 But in the crib, the eyes open and the show for parents begins, from simple rolling on the mattress to jumping up and down screaming. 5-10 minutes can be tolerated, but if 40? Get ready, you’ll need all the willpower

So, they put it down and left. Let the sky fall to the ground and the volcano erupt, judging by the sounds, but come in only after 4 minutes! We went in, put the fidget, said a few words for the night, waited until the baby calmed down and left. Come back for the second time in 7 minutes. Not in total, but after the exit — exactly 7 minutes. The actions are repeated and then the interval of visits is exactly 7 minutes. Everything!

💯 The first time will be very hard, you will curse yourself and rush into the room and the support of the second half is important here. Give up the slack — the scheme will not work. And the point is that the baby sees — screams lead to nothing. No one rushes to rock, sing a song, give a bottle, etc. This means you don’t have to spend any energy on it.

We won’t tell you how many days it takes for the baby to finally get used to it, maybe 3, maybe 5. And to facilitate the process — let the baby get tired before going to bed — active games will take energy, bathing will calm you down later and there is an opinion that you won’t even need to go into the nursery, because the baby will fall asleep in his arms

🦝By the way, you can add a toy to the process — Raccoon, who will quietly sing a lullaby while the child hugs him. So the baby will not have the feeling that he was left alone, and the song will calm him down even more.

❓How do you like this recipe, is it too hard or dare to try it?

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