Saturday seems to be a day off, but a whole bunch of plans — shopping, cleaning, cooking, and it’s time to hide summer clothes and get something warmer. In general, there are enough worries

👧🏻Of course, the baby is interested in watching all this, and even taking part. Let’s be honest, often the baby interferes — he takes the wrong thing, carries it in the wrong place, and so on, you yourself know this very well. And the worst option is to raise your voice to a child who sincerely wants to help.

🗣 The second method is a little more effective — talk to the child. Explain what exactly and why you are going to do, and even better — comment on your actions in the process. The kid will understand the essence of the processes and will be happy to help you

😉But there is another option that will definitely give you — minutes for any action without the intervention of the child. Ready to record? Before any activity in which you do not need help, take time for a pure child. 15 minutes is enough, but we repeat — only a baby!

🧩Put the phone down, turn off the TV, take a constructor or a puzzle, a coloring book or cubes and spend all 15 minutes purely doing things with the baby, commenting, talking and in no case being distracted by other irritants

🙌 And over time, the baby will get used to this approach, giving you the opportunity to do your own thing, be it household chores, like cooking or work. Even if you are just going to lie down and want to rest — 15 minutes with the child and the next half hour will be purely yours

🤔Helpful advice?

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