Everyone can feel comfortable and stylish, regardless of body type. We’ve put together a guide on how to dress for your body type when you’re wearing a size larger than XL.

1. Break the rules
Often in the recommendations for choosing clothes in large sizes you can find advice on how women hide “flaws” or divert attention from “problem areas”. Or about the fact that you should choose neutral colors, avoid bright prints. This is an outdated approach to style for the overweight. If you like bright and bold clothes, don’t hold back! The main rule to follow is to wear what makes you feel great.

2. Feel free to choose tight-fitting
You heard right. Choose tight, not tight. It’s not the same: Tight clothing hugs your body in all the wrong places, while fitted silhouettes flatter your curves and show off your best features. Emphasizing curves can be an inspiring way to show off your confidence.

3. But what about shapeless silhouettes?
Being shapeless doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dress in one big bag. On the contrary, the combination of different flowing layers of fabric and textures creates a special shapeless chic. A huge advantage of this approach is the scope for combining different clothes. And bright large accessories and jewelry will add style to the image.

4. Know your body type and what suits you.
This is where insight comes to the rescue. Get inspired by how bloggers and stars of your body type dress. For example, off-the-shoulder tops are the perfect choice for a pear shape. Showing off the shoulders helps accentuate the gorgeous pear-shaped curves. Models with peplum around the waist look great on apple body types. And wrap dresses enhance all the advantages of a full hourglass figure.

5. Try on something that you would never try on.
This is a great way to find unexpected yet working solutions for your wardrobe. Suddenly, you may find that kimonos really suit you, and a striped turtleneck will become your favorite piece of the season. Or that such a simple (and at the same time unusual) thing as a peplum belt will enhance more than one of your looks and will suit many items of clothing. To do this, it is not even necessary to leave the house in search of interesting models — you can order several sets of clothes for wildberries with a fitting and choose only what suits you.

6. Look for “your” brands
It is worth finding a brand that seems to sew for you — and the problem of choosing clothes is 99% solved. Look for plus-size clothing brands that make clothes in plus sizes. They, unlike the mass market, which produces clothes of a standard size grid, design models for curvaceous figures and adapt things to the needs of a plus-size audience.

So don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things, find what suits you and wear your favorite things with pride! Our brand was created so that you can fully enjoy your size.

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