Pet beds: why you need them and how to choose


Not everyone knows how to choose the right bed for a puppy, adult dog, cat or other pet. There are a lot of offers on the market, but does your pet need them if he is completely satisfied with sleeping on the sofa, floor or master’s bed? Before buying a bed, you need to answer these questions in order to make the right decision.

What are beds for?

It is a mistake to assume that cute beds are just an accessory. In fact, a dog, for example, must have at least one couch in which he can rest day and night.

Due to sleeping on the floor, a pet may experience various problems with the genitourinary system or joints, and calluses may form. That is why experts recommend getting a soft and warm place for your four-legged friend so that the dog or cat can use this space only for their own needs. Even if the furry loves to lounge on the couch, he still needs his own personal place.

Another plus of the couch is that you can take it with you on any trip. So the dog during the rest will feel comfortable, safe and at home.

Important: in no case should you use a couch as a punishment or imprisonment in a cage. The crib is a place of calm and comfort that belongs exclusively to the pet. Locking a dog in a cage along with a bed is a bad idea.

How to choose a bed

After we figured out why our furry pets need beds, it’s time to answer the question — how to choose the best one. When buying, it is worth considering some important factors: the size and age of the pet, medical indications (if any), cost, material of manufacture.

Russian manufacturer and brand ZOOTORIKA (ZOOTORIKA) offers an excellent selection of beds for medium and small breeds of dogs and cats.

What the owner should pay attention to when buying:

  • The size of the bed should be such that the head and limbs of the pet do not hang from the edges.
  • The padding should be easy to wash. Dogs are constantly chewing, digging, tearing something, so the cribs often get dirty.
  • High-quality filler is one of the main criteria for a good couch. Young pets can sleep on an inexpensive filler bed, but old and sick animals need more comfortable conditions. Beds with a good filler do not bend, maintain their shape even after washing and transportation, evenly distribute weight.
  • Ecological manufacturing materials.
  • The bed should have good thermoregulation so that the pet is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.

Zootorika beds are a versatile choice for dogs and cats that need a sound sleep and a warm wake up.

In ZOOTORIKA we take care of all future fluffy owners of beds, regardless of the size of the pet. The line of the store presents models of various shapes and sizes that are suitable for different breeds of dogs and cats.

Does your pet like to put his head on the side of the bed, like on a pillow? Then you need to pay attention to the SunBed model with soft and wide sides. And if the fluffy prefers to tumble in it and strives to put things in order inside, then take a closer look at the TerraBed model with high sides. For large breeds, ZOOTORIKA offers bed mats, on which you can comfortably lie down, having previously twisted and “digged” the bed.

All loungers are presented in bright and beautiful colors: from a delicate light gray print with stars to a bright and eye-catching option with foxes.

When purchasing goods in the ZOOTORIKA store, you can be sure that your fluffy will sleep on a soft couch made of high quality and hypoallergenic materials. Remember that a good sleep of a pet on a couch is an invaluable contribution to its further health.


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