I want to tell you about simple, but very important things that greatly facilitate the care and maintenance of your pet in the apartment. If you knew and actively practiced everything that I will write about below — great! You — well done) If not, I will be glad to be useful. Compliance with these rules sometimes works wonders)

Well, let’s get started! Important moments that greatly facilitate our lives.

1. Tray.

For clumping fillers, a special tray is needed. It should be large, deep, with high sides. You can consider a closed type tray, in the form of a house. Now they are gaining great popularity and have many advantages. In our case, this is a solution to the problem of scattering litter, when the cat is so passionate about raking in its deeds that it turns into a super-gambling treasure hunt)

For clumping fillers, a small, low tray, a tray with a mesh / grate is not suitable. Such trays are generally not suitable for any fillers. Therefore, it is better to replace it.

2. Filler layer.

Yes, this is very important. And this is the most common mistake. The effectiveness of the filler directly depends on the layer. The larger the layer, the faster and more accurately the lumps are formed, they are of the correct shape, smaller in size, even more durable. This allows the filler to work at its maximum resource, at 100% and, which is important, to be economically spent!

Optimal layer — 7-10 cm. Yes, the first filling of the filler is always very voluminous. Then you simply control the level of the filler in the tray, pouring fresh if necessary, after cleaning the lumps. The filler layer in the tray should not fall below 5 cm. Keep an eye on this. But it is better not to bring it to a critical point.

Complete replacement of the filler is not required. It is updated gradually, naturally. Lumps were removed — fresh filler was added, and so on in a circle.

3. Disposal.

It is necessary to clean the tray of lumps and solid waste in a timely manner. Optimally 1-2 times a day. Lumps should not be thrown into the toilet, they can clog the sewer. Usually they are removed with a special scoop with holes large enough so that the lump remains in the scoop, and the clean filler is sieved into the tray. This, by the way, is also a matter of filler efficiency. Lumps can be folded into a tight bag, tightly tied and thrown into the trash. Do not worry that the house will smell bad. The lump keeps all smells inside itself.

4. Mat.

This is what will save you from dragging the filler throughout the apartment. Tray mats have appeared in our lives relatively recently and have truly become a salvation for many cat owners. They are extremely popular right now! The texture of the mat is like a honeycomb, it has a lot of small cells that catch the remnants of the filler from the paws of the cat, catch the filler flying out of the tray when the cat is rowing hard) Everything remains exclusively inside the mat, the house is clean, the paws are clean, everything is fine) If you don’t have I highly recommend this rug. By the way, there are a lot of them on the site! If it is not possible to buy such a rug, a regular one will do, only the pile should be high enough. The principle of operation will be similar, only less effective. But it’s definitely better than nothing!

Well, that’s all. These are simple but very practical tips that will help you use Lucky Cat as efficiently, economically and comfortably as possible! And you will be able to fully see how good he is, and he is really good when nothing prevents him from working at 100%!

Thank you for your attention! Have a good mood) And do not forget to stroke the cat;)

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