Lip patches: how they work and what effect they give


Lip patches is a completely new product for the Russian market. This is a logical continuation of the history of eye patches. The skin on the lips is also very thin, sensitive, devoid of sebaceous glands and subcutaneous fat. Therefore, she, like the skin around the eyes, needs special care.

What it is?

Lip patches — masks in the form of wet jelly patches. The basis of most of their types is hydrogel — a transparent agent, reminiscent of silicone in structure and consistency. Patches are made in the form of large lips, due to which such “pads” are able to cover not only the lips, but also the skin around them. They have a sticky layer. Thanks to a snug fit, all components included in the mask penetrate deep into the problem area and have a beneficial effect on its condition.

Operating principle

Patches contain nutrients in their composition, thanks to which they saturate the lips with various components. As a result:

  • lips and skin around acquire a healthier color, «juiciness» and softness;
  • healing of small cracks occurs, problem areas become well-groomed;
  • the natural protection of the skin is activated, due to which it becomes less susceptible to various negative factors (for example, exposure to UV rays, winds, low temperatures);
  • the water balance is normalized, the lips become moisturized, the feeling of «tightness» disappears.

Patches help fight some cosmetic problems — they eliminate peeling and skin irritation. And also these masks. stimulate the body’s natural production of elastin and collagen, due to which small wrinkles are gradually smoothed out. Lip patches are presented in a wide range:

How to use lip patches

  1. Apply a gentle scrub to your lips so that the nutrients penetrate the soft tissues more easily.
  2. Cleanse the skin and wait until it dries.
  3. Fix the patch on the lips and leave for 15-20 minutes (see instructions). You may feel a slight tingling sensation, this is normal. There shouldn’t be any pain.
  4. After the expiration date, remove the patch and rub the remaining product into the lips with gentle massaging movements.

Lip patches have a sweet pleasant aroma. Such masks are easy to use, but during the use of the product it is impossible to eat, drink or talk — the lips must be in a motionless state.

Patchesfor eyes in conjunction with lip patches the best SOS remedy. They not only “refresh” the skin after stress or sleepless nights, but also help to cope with inflammation, dry lips and expression lines. The most popular patches with different components:

Lip patches — an easy way to soft lips!


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