How to use patches — do it right


Using eye patches is quite simple:

  • you need to clean the skin of cosmetics or eye cream;
  • lightly moisten the lower eyelid area with water so that the patches stick firmly (hydrogel patches need to be slightly warmed up in the palms);
  • gently place the applicator on the lower eyelid 2 mm below the lash line;
  • if you are using a mask to combat crow’s feet, then try to attach the patches closer to the outer corner of the eye;
  • if the patches are designed to reduce puffiness or dark circles, stick them closer to the inner corner;
  • you need to apply the applicator from the nose to the temples, trying not to collect the skin in folds;
  • remove the patches in the same direction — from the back of the nose to the temporal zone;
  • the nourishing serum remaining on the eyelids is not washed off, but is easily driven into the skin with fingertips.

The exposure time of eye patches depends on the effect they have and the nutritional composition. Concentrated ones are applied for 10-30 minutes, moisturizing or nourishing tissue patches can be worn from one to 8 hours (usually glued overnight).

Patches have contraindications for use:

  • conjunctivitis and other ophthalmic diseases in acute form;
  • mechanical damage to the skin of the eyelids;
  • increased sensitivity of the eyes and periorbital region, a tendency to irritation;
  • rosacea.

Since the patches contain concentrated substances, be sure to test for an allergic reaction. To do this, an applicator is glued to the wrist. Keep as long as the manufacturer indicated on the package. If after 2 days no redness, rashes and other changes in the skin are found, you can safely use these patches for their intended purpose.


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