How to use keratolytic correctly


Put on gloves, generously apply the product on cotton pads (it is better to tear the pads lengthwise so that the pads become thinner), apply to the desired area, leave for 2-3 minutes.

During this time, the keratinized part of the skin will turn into a gel, which is removed with a pumice stone from the kit in a circular motion. If necessary, apply the same cotton pads, adding the product, and again soak for 2 minutes, wipe off with a pumice stone in a circular motion. You can repeat the procedure up to 6 times.

At the end of the treatment of the feet, wash your feet with soap and generously lubricate with cream. We recommend the cream Heals, Foot Cream with Urea and Shea Butter, Wax Cream from Nanoheels.


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