How to use a scrub in the summer?

There is an opinion that using a scrub in the summer is not the best solution. This is due to the fact that the skin in hot weather is already exposed to various influences from the sun, wind and other factors, and the use of abrasive substances can lead to even worse damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. Meanwhile, cosmetologists are sure that with the reasonable use of such special cosmetics there will be no harm, but rather, on the contrary, only benefit will be noticeable from it.

And it lies in the fact that:

  • Regular removal of dead cells stimulates the work of the epidermis, due to which the skin begins to rejuvenate more actively, its firmness and elasticity increase.
  • Soft peeling, carried out at home, allows you to get an even tan. This is achieved by the fact that dead cells are removed and younger layers of the epidermis fall under the influence of sunlight, which last longer, like the tan itself.
  • In addition, regular use of the scrub in the summer allows you to achieve a more intense tan (for the same reason as described above).
  • Peeling also allows you to cleanse the pores of toxins and achieve a more active saturation of cells with oxygen.

However, the desire to get a perfectly even chocolate skin tone cannot be the main reason for using peels too hard during the summer holidays.

In order to achieve a radiant and healthy-looking skin, you should adhere to the following recommendations: — owners of a dry skin type can do home peeling no more than once every 2 or even 3 weeks, while girls with oily skin are recommended to clean it 1 once every 10 days. In addition, the latter should remember that too frequent application of scrubs leads to increased activity of the sebaceous glands. — while relaxing at sea or frequent exposure to the sun, gentle cleansing of the face and body should be done every evening so that the skin has time to recover before morning. Ordinary shower gel scrubs are suitable for this. For the summer, you need to choose a scrub with smaller abrasive particles that do not harm the skin as much as large ones.

And the best in this case are homemade scrubs. — chemical peeling can be done only 2-3 weeks before leaving for vacation, otherwise there is a risk of hyperpigmentation, which occurs very quickly when the skin, vulnerable after such a procedure, comes into contact with the sun’s rays .

By the way, in summer you can only use exfoliation with fruit acids, all other types of peeling, including bleaching, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing, should be postponed to autumn.

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