1. If the candle is decorated with dried flowers, it is necessary to carefully light the candle with matches, from the far edge from the flowers. Dried flowers can catch fire, if necessary, remove them with tweezers from the candle. Personally, I never take it out, just gently light and enjoy the flowers in the wax, all subsequent ignitions.

2. Always burn a candle in a glass, until the entire top layer of wax has melted and a liquid pool has formed. So that in the future, it freezes evenly, without deepening inside.

3. A burnt wooden wick must be cut or broken off before the next lighting so that the candle does not smoke.

4. To extinguish the flame of a candle, cover it with a wooden cap. And then remove the lid and release the smoke.

5. When lighting a candle, make a wish and imagine that it has already come true. Wax has memory, and fire will remove everything that interferes with the realization of your desire! The next time you light a candle, your subconscious mind will remember the desire and direct your energy towards fulfillment!

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