A fairy tale is not just a story to be read before going to bed so that the baby falls asleep faster. It develops memory and imaginative thinking, teaches to build thoughts and express them correctly. But the main problem — the baby does not listen! How to deal with it — read below and don’t forget to like

Simplify. To begin with, you do not need to take full-fledged long tales, the baby will not listen to them all the time. A minute or two, and tell something, where there will be words already familiar to the child. That is, we start about the ball, then about Chicken Ryaba, and eventually you will reach the Snow Queen

Don’t delay. Many parents start telling fairy tales to their children at the age of 4-5. But the baby is not used to listening, so the sooner the better. Even if the child does not speak yet!

More shows. Gesture, highlight important or bright moments with intonation, be more artistic, so the baby will have more interest in what is happening and brighter images will appear in his head

Listen. The kid will sooner or later try to tell you his favorite fairy tale. No need to interrupt or correct, be interested, and at the end of the story, be sure to praise

Repeat. Let the child want to hear about Kolobok for the 15th time, this is normal. Do you remember what children remember through repetition?

By the way, if the last item is a problem for you — there is no time, you get very tired or for any other reason, Raccoon will come to your aid, who will easily repeat a fairy tale or a song at least 50 times in a row, if necessary.

If you do not have enough time to read fairy tales to your child yourself, then you can always use a soft interactive toy that will tell a fairy tale to your child.

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