How to teach a child to tie shoelaces


Adults tie shoelaces on the machine, but for children this activity often seems incredibly difficult. However, very soon it will be necessary to go to kindergarten or school — there this skill will be especially needed. How to finally help your child to switch from Velcro shoes to sneakers, sneakers and boots? We wrote a whole article about it!

Tip #1: Develop Fine Motor Skills

It’s no secret that it can be difficult for children to tie their shoelaces due to poorly developed fine motor skills of their hands. Fingers do not obey, one loop is not inserted into another, weak knots are instantly untied — of course, in such a situation it is easier to use shoes with Velcro, buttons or elastic bands. Or you can just help the child work on fine motor skills. For example, doing the following tasks:

  • tie knots on ropes of different thicknesses;
  • tie ribbon bows;
  • play a small constructor (for example, a mosaic type, where you need to insert parts into small holes);
  • make lacing on paper sheets, threading strings or fishing line through the cut holes;
  • collect puzzles and mosaics;
  • sort out with the child small objects with different textures (buttons, beads, shells, pebbles);
  • play finger games;
  • do hand massage
  • sculpt from plasticine, ordinary and polymer clay, salt dough.

Tip #2: Watch themed videos

If you understand that you cannot sensibly explain to your child the technique of tying shoelaces, leave it to experienced people. On the Internet, you can find many step-by-step lessons on how to teach kids to tie their shoelaces correctly in different ways.

Let the child choose the most understandable video for himself and practice. It is good if the video not only tells the necessary theory, but also clearly shows each step — repeating after someone, it is much easier to memorize the algorithm.

Tip #3: Use toy shoes

Practice, practice and more practice! If the child cannot tie shoelaces on himself, then first show him all the steps on toy shoes.

Interestingly, the problem of the inability to tie shoelaces is really acute, so toy manufacturers often produce special simulators for kids. They are made in the form of funny shoes — stylish sneakers, sneakers with your favorite characters. Most likely, the child himself will strive to play with such a simulator. And when he understands the tying scheme, you can switch to personal shoes.

Tip #4: Use colorful shoelaces

For many children, tying their shoelaces is simply boring. For 10-15 minutes, looking at simple black shoelaces is quite tiring (some children, in principle, do not differ in the ability to concentrate attention for a long time). Therefore, the task of moms and dads is to choose the brightest, most interesting and colorful laces for shoes. For example, neon, rainbow, shiny.

Tip #5: Lead by Example

Personal example is the main way of children’s knowledge of the world. This also applies to laces! Sit next to a child in shoes and ask him to repeat your every move. Perhaps at first the daughter or son will not understand which loop and where to thread, so be sure to correct his actions and then work together until automatic. True, not in one day, but gradually, so as not to arouse in the child an aversion to this process.

Tip #6: Learn a funny verse

Many kids learn to tie their shoelaces with funny poems. With their help, a boring theory about the technique of tying is laid out in the head on the shelves, and therefore it is easier to remember. You can use the following memory options:

One lace, and two lace.
Tied a knot.
Here is the jumping bunny.
The bunny has two ears.
Five dogs are chasing a hare.
Only a bunny is not a simpleton.
Walked around the bushes
Climbed into a mink and was like that!
We scared the dogs away
The bow was tied tight.

One lace and two lace.

Crossroads. Knot.
Here the ends quarreled,
The good guys fled
The backs were made with an arc —
Here is one, and here is another.
Reconciled — met …
And again the knot contacted!

Tip #7: Teach your child how to tie a bow

The main thing in tying shoelaces is to learn how to make a bow. This is usually the most difficult thing to do, because the baby does not understand how the eyelet is obtained from the lace and what to do next with it.

Practice on different laces (thick and thin, synthetic and cotton), woolen threads and ribbons. When the child understands which fingers should be used so that the bow does not “crumble”, you can move on to the knots.

Tip #8: Use different techniques

Everyone ties their shoelaces differently, and children are no exception. It happens that in a video a child is taught to make knots in one way, and mom and dad show it in a completely different way.

It is not surprising that the baby experiences cognitive dissonance: how is it right after all? Explain to your child that there are different ways to tie shoelaces. Each person uses the most convenient, comfortable technique for himself.

It is easier for someone to first make two ears, and then tie them together. And it is more convenient for someone to make one loop, and then stretch the second through it. And that’s not to mention other ways. Try to find several different tying techniques with your baby and try them all. Let the child choose the one that seems to him the most simple and convenient — and bring it to perfection.

Tip #9: Praise and encourage

Not all children are able to master this skill quickly. Do not push or scold the baby. Celebrate progress in his actions — even the smallest. Let dad often ask to tie his shoelaces and admire how cleverly his daughter helped him and he didn’t have to bend down! Pick up fun music, let the training take place not under strict shouts «Not there again!”, but to the favorite songs of your children. Reward efforts and encourage them if they fail. Be patient and remember — there is not a single adult who does not know how to tie shoelaces. Your child will definitely succeed!


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