A fairy tale has always been the universal language for talking with a child. And the parable is almost a fairy tale, just as interesting, but hiding a deep meaning, an important message for a small and sensitive heart.

Books with parables for children from the Nikea publishing house are a great way to talk with children about important things, to convey eternal truths that will never lose their relevance in a fun and simple way.

Anthony Borisov: «Good Lion»

Anthony Borisov: «Brave Sheep»

The “Brave Sheep” will guide the children through the brightest pages of the Gospel, fascinatingly and simply retelling the story that changed the world two thousand years ago. At the end of each chapter is a short summary that will help a child of any age to understand the main meaning of what they read. This book also came out from the pen of the priest Anthony Borisov and the artist Victoria Kitavina. Interesting stories and bright illustrations will certainly appeal to children and their parents!

Olga Klyukina: «The Wise Donkey»

The colorful book will speak brightly, subtly and sincerely with boys and girls, and most importantly, through fairy tales, parables, parables with riddles, parables with questions and answers. Wonderful pictures will immerse the young reader in the atmosphere of a fairy tale and magic that children like so much.

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