A distinctive and pleasant feature of soy wax is that it is easily removed from the surface due to its low melting point.

Usually, wax can be removed with hot water and a sponge if it gets on a candle holder or you want to clean the container that the candle was in.

If soy wax gets on the fabric, then more time is needed to get rid of the frozen drops.

The first thing to do is to wet a cloth with hot water and press it firmly against the wax. Because the melting point of soy wax is low, a hot cloth should melt it, and then absorb the melted wax.

Sometimes, this may not be enough and then we recommend the second method.
You need to put a dry cloth on soy wax and go over the stain with a hot iron on a medium level. The same thing will happen: the hot temperature melts the wax, and the fabric absorbs it.

If there is no hot water at hand, and soy wax has got on a hard surface, but easily scratched, then there is an easy way to remove it from the surface. You just need to get any plastic card and press on the formed wax stain to remove it.

Situations vary, but what we love about soy wax is that it’s not only great to use, it’s also easy to clean.

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