Parents take care of their newborn babies even when they are sleeping. After all, sleep plays an important role in the development and health of the baby. During restless sleep, the baby can twist and turn a lot, and to ensure the safety of the child, many mothers put a roller in the crib. Such a device allows you to protect the arms and legs of the baby from getting between the bars of the bed.

Of course, the main purpose of such rollers is to protect the crumbs from hard walls. But in addition, they are necessary:

For protection from cold and drafts;

To create a cozy interior for a children’s room;

so that small objects do not fall out — a nipple, toys.

Standard bumpers in a crib look like a rectangle or square. Their height is different — from 30 cm to the upper edge of the bed wall itself. The disadvantages of such bumpers for the crib can be considered:

· Poor visibility. The baby is not visible behind large pillows;

Insufficient air circulation and dust accumulation;

· Risk of injury to the child. Especially during the period when the baby is learning to get up. The baby may step on the soft restraint and be higher than the wall of the crib, which increases the risk of falling.

Rollers, in contrast to the standard bumpers in a crib, are small in size, which provides excellent visibility of the child. Most of the wall of the bed is open to fresh air. They are multifunctional. They can be used in a crib as a restraint so that the baby does not roll over while sleeping. When the baby grows up, the roller will serve as a pillow, but for now, the mother can also use it, for example, when feeding.

BebeLiron rollers, in addition to all the above functionality, also have a particularly eye-catching design, here you will find both huge vegetables — carrots and peppers, magical creatures — dragons, unicorns, as well as more restrained sides in the form of delicate multi-colored braids. With such a variety, everyone will be able to choose an option for their baby. The material of the sides is very soft and plush, pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergies. Suitable for any type of bed.

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