Genuine leather shoes are not intended for walking in puddles, wet snow, and so on. However, anything can happen, and if the shoes are still wet, it is important to dry them properly.

The good old way — drying with newspapers or other similar paper. Crumpled paper should be placed inside the shoe and left in a well-ventilated area. This method is the most gentle and safe for your boots.

Instead of paper, you can use wooden form holders. But it is important that they are the right size.

A more modern way is special electric shoe dryers. There is a wide range of such devices on the market today. Manufacturers claim that their use is safe for any shoe. When using this method, we recommend that you do not leave the dryer unattended and make sure that the shoes do not overheat.

We prefer natural drying, no heating devices. But if you need to dry your shoes quickly, choose quality dryers.

We remind you that leather shoes must not be dried on a battery or other heating devices that are not intended for drying shoes.

All IRIDIS shoes are made of genuine leather, which does not tolerate getting wet. Be careful, and for active walks in deep or wet snow, choose special shoes!

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