How to maintain the quality of baby overalls?

Jumpsuit for girls and boys made of thick fleece with soft cotton fleece inside is ideal for off-season and winter! Such a suit is multifunctional and super practical! It also has a hood that will protect the child from the wind and handy side pockets to keep the handles warm too.

What is the advantage of such a suit?

All moms recommend Capkids overalls. After all, it does not hinder movement, and the elastic band on the back provides the most comfortable fit. The suit has a convenient zipper along the entire length and cuffs that tightly fit the arm and leg, preventing cold air from entering inside. In winter, it can be worn under overalls or a jacket, and in the off-season, as an independent product.

In such a suit, the child is comfortable and warm, and parents are calm! This is the perfect outfit for long walks in kindergarten.

What is the Capkids costume made of?

Warm children’s suit is made of soft, premium and hypoallergenic material based on organic cotton. The composition includes 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The quality of our products is very important to us!

A warm Capkids suit is the perfect gift!

Yes, yes, this is a super universal gift that will be appreciated not only by the parent, but also by the child himself! In such a suit, the baby will be mega comfortable and warm! It also looks very stylish and goes well with many other things.

Hurry up to order a New Year’s gift from Capkids for your kid! He will definitely be delighted with such a suit, because in it he will be able to walk in any weather. You can be calm for your child, because he will not freeze!

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