How to maintain the quality of a baby blanket?

Fleece is highly valued for its softness and ability to retain heat perfectly. Like any other natural fabric, it requires careful treatment. In no case should detergents with an aggressive composition, especially those containing chlorine, be used. After all, chlorine destroys the fibers and makes them rigid, with a characteristic yellowish tinge.

It is best to use a mild washing gel for delicate fabrics. Why not powder? Yes, because the fleece has a fleecy texture and the granules poorly dissolved in warm water are not rinsed out even after repeated attempts.

What is the advantage of our product?

This material has many advantages and the main one is that it retains heat perfectly. A small soft toy will certainly become a true friend from the first day of meeting!

How to care for a blanket?

The blanket for newborns can be washed in the washing machine, thanks to its material it dries very quickly. What can not but rejoice!

Plaid is a great gift!

This is truly a wonderful and useful gift for any occasion. The blanket is very soft and fluffy. And thanks to its coloring, it can be presented to both a boy and a girl.

Don’t waste time! Order the perfect and beautiful plaid with a toy! Your child will be absolutely delighted!

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