For the proper preparation of this traditional Argentinean drink, you will need a Reserva del Che homemade Yerba mate, any vessel or even an ordinary cup or glass, and a special tube with a filter at the end — bombigia. Bombing is indispensable here, and soon you will see this. In addition, for cooking you need a small, 0.5 — 1 l, thermos with water at a temperature of 60 — 75 degrees Celsius. It is with this water (or cooler) that Yerba Mate should be spilled to get the right effect, which gives mateine ​​- caffeine in a bound form.

1. Pour 3/4 of the yerba into the vessel, cover with the palm of your hand and shake.

2. Tilt the vessel and place the bombing jar into the resulting void up to the bottom of the vessel.

3. Place the vessel upright.

4. In a thin stream, pour water at a temperature of 60 — 75 ° C along the bombing so that the water does not cover the yerba completely.

5. Drink and enjoy immediately after the strait, without insisting!

6. We continue to spill the yerba with water and drink in small sips. Up to 1.5 liters of water can be spilled through a standard serving of 20 g of quality farm-raised Yerba mate.

With proper preparation and use of high-quality Yerba mate, you will get up to 70% of the nutrients contained in it, mental clarity and vigor for the whole day!

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