How to cook «Ipanema Dulce»


This review invites you to learn more about a specific variety of Ipanema Dulce products presented on the site.

Ipanema is a world famous Brazilian coffee producer.

dulceis a blend of Arabica beans from three farms, harvested at different heights at the end of the harvest, when the berries have already dried naturally on the trees. This coffee has good saturation, light sweetness, pleasant bitterness and mild acidity.

The first reviews received partially reveal the quality of the drink, but an additional review will allow customers to assess the correctness of the choice of a future purchase.

Some dry facts.

Variety: acaya, mundo-novo;

Processing: dry;

In a cup: orange, peanut, caramel, chocolate; Region: Sul de Minas;

Growing altitude: 780–1350 meters above sea level;

What flavor sensations can be expected from this type of coffee?

This drink is designed for lovers of not strong coffee, with moderate, mild acidity.

The variety is presented in two versions: in grains and ground.

The presented grinding allows you to use it both in a carob coffee machine and in a Turk, for lovers of a more complex process of preparing a fragrant drink.

Mild acidity and medium strength is well suited for making espresso and americano.

How to prepare this variety so that the drink is stronger?

To prepare stronger coffee, you need to take the presented products in grain and grind at home.

Set the grinder to the finest possible grind, so that it looks like a fine “cinnamon” and prepare a cup of espresso in a cezve.

It is also allowed to brew coffee in an ordinary mug with 100 degrees boiling water and wait until all the grinding has settled to the bottom.

Add the amount of coffee to the mug depending on how strong you need it.

The drink is ready.

If the drink still does not seem as strong as you want, then you can consider another drink «Espresso Blend».

But we will learn about it in more detail in the next review.

The Espresso Mix drink will be available soon. Follow the news on the site.


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