Every housewife has long been accustomed to a large number of kitchen utensils for all occasions. Every year more and more different helpers in the household are added to the kitchen. But unfortunately the size of the kitchen itself remains unchanged 🙂
Some things we use every day, and some on rare holidays or special occasions. Today we will talk about an important assistant to any hostess who will serve you day after day for many years. Meet — an organizer for a sink or a divider in a drawer!

This device is designed to organize space in a drawer or next to a sink. With it, it is convenient to store plates, lids, pans, ladles, saucepans, jars, bottles and much more. The divider consists of one plastic base section and a sliding section with which you can adjust the size of the organizer to the size of your drawer from 45 to 54 cm. The kit also includes a set of pins (12 pcs.) To fix items on it. The size of one base section is 45-54 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm. Thanks to this design, you can, depending on the need, adjust the organizer to any kitchen utensils. There are special grooves in the holes of the organizer, which does not allow free rotation of the pins, thereby allowing you to tightly hold any, even the heaviest and most voluminous dishes.

In the next part of the article, we will demonstrate how you can use a kitchen organizer to organize the space next to the sink or in the drawer of your kitchen. All the best !

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