How to clean up once and leave it forever?


“I really want things to be neatly laid out in cabinets and chests of drawers, and morning preparations take 10 minutes instead of an hour,” every second person on Earth thinks. But here’s what to do so that neatly folded things do not turn into a lump of chaos, which is scary to look at the very next day after cleaning?

In fact, everything is very simple. To restore order «forever» you need to overcome just 5 simple steps:

1) We declutter. We throw away things and objects in poor condition. Everything that you have not used for more than 3 years, but still put off for a rainy day. In your life all days will be white!

2) Create cells. Break the drawer space into sections. This makes it easier to keep order and much easier to find the things you need. This is conveniently done using plastic dividers or soft wardrobe trunks for storing things.

3) Distribute into boxes. Sort clothes or items as you like — by type of purpose, color, owner. If we are talking about the kitchen — divide according to the principle or frequency of use. If we are talking about clothes — by application. T-shirts, underwear, bedding.

4) Add up. We send everything that survived the decluttering and left you need in an organized chest of drawers.

5) Enjoy the order! And we sort things out in a timely manner so as not to restart the cycle.

Really not as scary as it seemed, right? Especially if you have the necessary devices at hand.

Well, in order to successfully overcome the second step, we are ready to help you. Because our store sells handy drawer dividers.


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