How to choose wax for candles and not miscalculate?


When buying candle materials, it is very important to choose the type of wax that is most suitable for your home. The wax that will be contained in your candle will be burned inside the house, so it is very important to know which one to choose, since not all waxes emit the same substances when burned or are equally pure.

Consider the main compositions and their characteristics.

  • From beeswax. This is a natural and environmentally friendly product, which is characterized by long and bright burning and a pleasant smell. Interestingly, such options smell even when unlit, and if you are sensitive to smells, you will notice their slight honey aroma. In addition, such lighting is good for health.
  • From soy wax. These are natural candles that, when burned, do not emit harmful substances and do not create soot. Such wax is often used as a massage wax, since it has a low melting point compared to bees. Moreover, in the production of candles, they can easily be supplemented with aromatic oils, which is often done by manufacturers.
  • From coconut wax. Such options are most often made by hand, so they are distinguished by a high price. When burned, coconut products release a pleasant coconut scent, making them a great option for aromatherapy. Coconut oil is taken as the basis for the production of such candles, so they are environmentally friendly.
  • From wax. This material is usually made from natural beeswax, paraffin and similar compounds. However, artificial wax emits a sufficiently large amount of carbon dioxide when burned, which makes such products hazardous to human health and the environment. The candles themselves are small in size, so they do not have a large negative impact on a person. But it is better to abandon the regular use of such decorative lighting in favor of natural analogues.

In conclusion, soy or coconut wax candles are without a doubt the best choice. Their natural plant origin, free of harmful substances and their safe production for the ecosystem, make them the best alternative.

Well, if you want to try to make candles without unnecessary troubles in the selection of ingredients or make a gift to your loved ones — a soy wax candle making kit is the best choice!

With love to you and creativity, Passionate.


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