1. The question to start with is how much are you willing to spend?

🌿 Handmade boards cost +- from 900 rubles. The average cost of an ordinary board today is 1300 rubles. For oak end you will have to pay + — 2800r.
🌿 The more “bells and whistles”, the more expensive the product will be. Do you want African wood or genuine leather inserts? — Get ready to give more than 15K

2. Decide for what purpose you are purchasing a board:
🌿 For slicing/butchering
🌿 For serving/serving

3. Select the type of production:
🌿 Glued
🌿 From array

4. Pick up the shape:
🌿 Rectangular
🌿 Round
🌿 Custom

5. Choice of wood:
🌿 To make the board last for a long time, choose only solid wood species! Pine, in this case, say a firm «NO»!

All this is important! But, probably, the most practical advice is to take what your “eye will fall on”😁

To choose the perfect board, visit us at WB, the DashkoWood store! We will be happy to help decorate your interior or choose the best gift!

Our boards will serve you for a very, very long time! 😊

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