1. Find Kuznetsov D.V. in the product card. IP detailed dimensional grid. For your convenience, we place it on the second photo in the product card. Use a soft meter to take measurements of your figure and compare them to our measurements. Please note that the unified size grid from Wildberries (under the price in the product card) does not correspond to most sizes and is very conditional. We also report that in our photos of women’s clothing, the model is 165 cm tall and size 48. She wears clothes in sizes 60 or 62, so they look looser and longer. In the photo of men’s clothing — the model is 185 cm tall and size 54. He is wearing clothes of 60 or 62 sizes. We also recommend that you take into account that 100% cotton does not stretch. Familiarization with our table will allow you not to make a mistake with the size and not to order anything extra.

2. Read the detailed description of the product in its card. We provide maximum information about the product: fabric composition, model, cut, care instructions. For example, knitwear made of 100% cotton is recommended to be washed at a water temperature of 30C using a delicate spin cycle. When washing at a water temperature above 30 ° C, the product fades faster, loses its appearance, and after washing in very hot water, it may shrink.

3. Try on the product carefully, without leaving marks on clothes. Unfortunately, on some things there are traces of lipstick, foundation, glitter, sweat. Such a thing, which was completely new before trying on, will be disposed of at the expense of the manufacturer, which will further lead to an increase in prices.

4. If you find any defect before trying on, including the one described above, please return the item to the pick-up point employee or courier marked «defective». If this is not done, this product will first be sent to the warehouse, and then delivered to another buyer. Thus, the cost of logistics and delayed disposal will increase.

5. If the ordered product does not suit you, carefully fold it, put it in a bag with a barcode and return it to the pickup point employee or courier. Re-sorting with sizes or models occurs, among other things, if buyers, after trying on, return goods in an improper form.

6. If the item is the right size for you and meets your expectations, congratulations, you made the right choice, and now there is a novelty in your wardrobe!

7. Share your opinion and rating with us and other buyers. We carefully read all reviews and thank our customers for the feedback.

8. Add the Russian brand of the manufacturer of knitwear Kuznetsov D.V. IP in your favorite brands on Wildberries, and follow our new products, discounts and promotions.

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