How to choose a vacuum bag for storing things and clothes

Bags for vacuuming clothes are widely used in everyday life. And this is not surprising, because vacuum bags for things and clothes not only increase the space in the house, but also protect things from moisture, fungus, mold, dust and insects, including moths. But in order for them to bring maximum benefit, the choice must be approached carefully. Don’t buy the first set of vacuum bags you see. It is important to define and study several parameters.

  • Density of bags, which is measured in microns — a good vacuum bag has a density of 70 to 80 microns;
  • The composition from which the bag is made — this affects the elasticity and strength — the most durable and at the same time elastic vacuum bags are made from a mixture of PA & PE material, which we talked about in a previous article;
  • Size range of vacuum bags;
  • Purpose of use.

Size rangeAs in any other case, there is no “universal pill”, each case is individual. But there are general storage rules:

  • Decide on the storage location — 50x70cm vacuum bags (total weight 1-2kg) will fit well in the cabinet, 60x80cm bags (total weight 2-4kg) will fit well on the antesols. And for niches in beds / sofas and a wardrobe (pantry), packages of 80x100cm (total weight 3-5 kg) are ideal.
  • Determine the dimensions of the storage items — during the packaging process, there should be at least 2 cm space in the vacuum bag, and the fastener should be closed freely, otherwise the bag may overflow and, as a result, depressurization.

Purpose of use


When traveling, small vacuum bags (50x70cm) are well suited for vacuuming things and packing a suitcase. The vacuum allows you to reduce the size of the transported things and increase the space for additional clothing (be sure to take into account that the weight will increase in proportion to the volume of things). The kit may include a pump for vacuum bags that can be used on the road. Pumps are usually universal and suitable for products from different manufacturers.

Casual wear

For vacuum packaging and storage of clothes, soft toys, bed linen, you should look at vacuum bags of small (50x70cm) and medium (60x80cm) sizes. In this case, a home vacuum cleaner is well suited for pumping out air and evacuating things.


It is good to store outerwear in an upright position. For these purposes, vacuum bags for things with a hanger are well suited. They are of different lengths. Outerwear will be in a straightened state and it will not have to be steamed later.

Bulky things

The use of vacuum bags is most effective for packing bulky items: blankets, pillows. Large vacuum bags with a valve (80x100cm) are ideal here. Manually removing air from such a bag is difficult, so a home vacuum cleaner is ideal.


Depending on how much and what size of things you need to pack, you can decide which set of vacuum bags to buy. Buying sets of vacuum bags of 5–10 items, of the same or different sizes, is beneficial from both a practical and an economic point of view. You get vacuum bags for different groups of things and pay less than when buying single bags.


Often you can find vacuum bags with aroma. But this is marketing to get your attention. In fact, additional odors can only repel, impregnating things and causing allergic reactions in some cases. The quality of the vacuum bag is more important than the smell, which you can choose yourself if you wish.PriceA high-quality vacuum bag cannot cost less than 100 rubles per piece (depending on the size and more). Looking for cheaper options, you run the risk of buying vacuum bags of the appropriate quality for your favorite things and clothes, which will not last you even one season. Choose and use vacuum bags with a valve for storing things wisely and then they will serve you long and reliably. And we will talk about how to use vacuum bags for packaging and storage in the next article!

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