Of course, at first the swimsuit should please you visually. Only fitting will save here!

But so that the swimsuit does not let us down in the process of wearing it, pay attention to the following features:

1) Fabric

For swimwear, it is special, high-tech,called supplex:

— stretches in all directions

— dense, not transparent,

— does not wrinkle

— dries quickly.

The composition is approximately 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

Synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic, thanks to them the fabric does not wrinkle, dries quickly, is elastic

We produce swimwear from the highest quality Italian supplex.

Therefore, our bikinis:

— do not shed

— do not fade in the sun

— do not stretch from chlorine and salt

2) Straps

The ties should be on the inside with silicone rubber — you can easily see it.

The straps will be quite dense, the seams are imperceptible, and when pulled, the effect of a dense elastic band will be felt.

Thanks to this important feature, you will never experience the “cracking threads” effect.

The straps will stretch as you like and return to their original position, while maintaining a great look.

3) Seams and double fabric

It is better to give preference to the bodice and edits made of double fabric. This will make the swimsuit more dense, keeping its shape, and the seams will be hidden between the layers of fabric and absolutely imperceptible.

Our brand P&B (Purple&Berries) produces high-quality swimwear that will delight you for many seasons.

Our masters have the highest ranks and a vast experience of almost jewelry work in tailoring ballroom costumes and leotards for figure skating

We offer the most trendy models and colors.

Our swimwear is comfortable, high quality, fashionable and beautiful!

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