How not to spend a lot of time cooking?


For many women, daily standing at the kitchen stove has become a real hard labor. In addition to the many important things that exist, you have to devote a lot of time to cooking. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner has not been canceled, because a balanced diet is important for everyone’s health. Office workers even dream of getting to bed after a hard day’s work, and here they still have to puzzle over how to feed the household and in such a way as to please everyone to their taste. And when the guests are already on the doorstep, but there is no time left for culinary delights, modern technology comes to the rescue.

A real discovery among such products is grilled fondue raclette DEMIAND kitchen 5-in-1. This is a versatile device for preparing several dishes at the same time: appetizers, main course and dessert.

The rocket launcher includes two working panels and two tiers. One of them is designed for cooking hot dishes on a grill with a stone disc. Juicy steak, fish, sausages, sausages or shrimp, combined with grilled vegetables, will be an excellent option for both a festive and soulful family dinner. And most importantly, it won’t take long. The power of the device is 1500 W, so it warms up in a matter of minutes.

On the second tier there are eight raclette pans with non-stick coating and heat-insulated handles, with which you can cook raclette appetizers, omelets with fillings and many other dishes for every taste. They also come with 8 nylon flipping paddles to prevent damage to the surfaces of the raclette pans.

An excellent end to an evening meal or a festive feast will be a dessert prepared according to traditional Swiss customs. To do this, you just need to remove the stone disk and install the fondue pan. Optimal heat distribution over the entire surface, non-stick coating and long heat dissipation are suitable for preparing all types of fondue: meat, fish, cheese and chocolate. Just imagine that one of the most popular dishes in the whole world will be on your table!

The second panel allows you to cook perfectly even and fluffy pancakes, as well as pancakes, which will especially appeal to impatient little sweet teeth. The panel is designed for cooking 6 servings of pancakes.

Among the clear advantages of grilled raclette fondue DEMIAND kitchen 5-in-1 worth highlighting the following.

  1. The power of the device and the temperature control function make the cooking process fast and makes it possible to keep it hot.
  2. Due to the special non-stick coating, which does not require the addition of oil, tasty and healthy food will always be on your table.
  3. The helpful cookbook included with the appliance includes step-by-step recipes for every hob and for every occasion.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. The panels are very easy to change, so even children can easily handle them. All components, except for the stone circle and the main body of the raclette bowl, can be washed in a dishwasher.
  5. The thermally insulated housing ensures maximum safety during the cooking process.
  6. Stainless steel and natural stone panels guarantee the durability of the appliance.
  7. The compact size of the device is suitable for the smallest tables and also saves space in the kitchen by eliminating the need to purchase additional kitchen appliances and cooking utensils.
  8. Anti-slip feet are suitable for all surfaces.

Raclette-fondue-grill DEMIAND kitchen 5-in-1 the best solution for a festive table and family dinner!


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