How easy is it to update the interior of the kitchen or dining room?


And also make it more solemn and elegant! A half-linen tablecloth with a classic print is perhaps the ideal option.

Since ancient times in Russia, there was a special attitude to the tablecloth. This item was in every house, whether it was the royal chambers or a peasant hut. Beautiful tablecloths were a family heirloom and were passed down from generation to generation.

Our semi-linen tablecloth is just such an option. Made from natural materials in classic muted colors, it will bring harmony and comfort to your home.

A feature of the tablecloth is a water-repellent property that does not allow drops of tea or wine to be absorbed into the fibers of the fabric. It is enough to blot the liquid with a napkin and the tablecloth will be clean again.

Tablecloth from the brand «Usadba» will be a nice gift. The packaging is stylized with a satin ribbon and branded insert. Inside you will also find care instructions to help extend the life of your favorite tablecloth.


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