Tantrum on the playground, «buy-buy-buy» in the store and refusal to collect toys with tears and screams. This is familiar to you, but after reading this post, you will definitely know how to maintain composure in a similar situation.

Many simply raise their voice or yell at the baby. But how will a child calm down if his closest adult is freaking out himself? No way, shouting won’t work, unlike the following methods

You felt that you were losing your temper — breathe. The body feels stress, the brain says that you are not in control of the situation. Just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. This is how you remind your body that everything is okay.

Calm, just calm. You are tired, you ate at the wrong time and work above your ears, a normal situation for parents. A regimen comes to the rescue — enough sleep, regular and balanced meals, and also try to take time for yourself. Knit, read or just play computer games. Not for long, but regularly

Pick a normal time. Raising a baby in hysterics is not an option, you will not be heard. It is better to talk about behavior when the baby is calm. After the tantrum, try to talk about what the child is unhappy with, what upset him and why he behaved the way it happened

Try to respect boundaries. The child wants to take all the toys with him at once, show sympathy and understanding. Try this: «I understand you’re upset that you can’t go to the store with a teddy bear, a truck, and a pyramid. Let’s pick one toy and take it with us.»

Repetition is the mother of learning. But you need to repeat to yourself, like a mantra. «I love my child», «I will not yell at Masha / Vasya», «I am absolutely calm»

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