September is the time for parental thought: how to choose a circle for a child? What will the young talent be interested in — embroidery or playing the guitar? Indeed, modern additional education offers a whole bunch of different areas: music, artistic and applied arts, choreography, vocals, theater arts, foreign languages, IT. Recently we wrote how to help a child choose a sports section to their liking. And in this article we will talk about other additional classes.

Drama circle, photo circle …

Let’s remember for a start what modern children are invited to study after school and why this may be necessary:

Choreographic circles. The child changes the type of activity, gets physical activity after a long sitting at the desk. This switch helps relieve fatigue and nervous tension. Regular training will help in the development of agility, sense of rhythm, coordination of movements, endurance. The joy of public speaking and even winning competitions is comparable to winning in sports. Along the way, you can learn to overcome difficulties and systematically increase self-confidence.

Of course, the success of such classes is influenced by the physical abilities and individual characteristics of the child. Therefore, before enrolling a son or daughter in dancing, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

In art circles children realize their desire for creativity and pump creativity. Here they will teach you how to work with various art materials, help develop and strengthen your hands (especially important for those who are just learning to write), improve fine motor skills. Some circles give a lot of interesting knowledge — for example, about art history or cultural studies. Emotional intelligence is also being formed: children learn to express their feelings using a variety of artistic techniques and techniques.

Music lessons often require the presence of certain abilities and perseverance. But there is a prospect of getting a full-fledged musical education as a result. The difficulty of studying at a music school is due to the fact that even interested, talented children sometimes have to be forced to study. According to the degree of seriousness of the classes and the time spent, the «musician» pulls on the second school. But you can always practice the ukulele or learn to play the synthesizer without a systematic visit to a music school, but through private teachers or popular paid courses of various durations. Some teenagers master a musical instrument themselves — no one has canceled free videos on the Internet and older comrades!

in theater studios children learn to speak correctly and beautifully, control their body, train their oratory skills. In an informal atmosphere of rehearsals, students overcome self-doubt, expand their social circle, get acquainted with theatrical culture, find an opportunity for self-expression through art. Some begin to write poetry, someone finds directing talents in himself. Very often, serious tours or roles in children’s theaters help later to enter VGIK.

Separately, I would like to highlight the field of computers and the Internet. Children of all ages in just a few lessons already know more than dad about cybersecurity, know how to create their own game on the phone, deftly make landing pages or make intricate and practical devices from plastic, wires and microcircuits. This is a great place to fall in love with the profession and become a cool IT specialist, improve knowledge about finance, security, the laws of higher mathematics, train logic and quick wit. Or just have fun with kids who share your passions.

And how to choose something?

Wait a minute to grab your head from such a variety. We have prepared a small checklist for you: what must be done when the child decides to go to additional classes.

Ask a child a question about which club he would like to go to. Even if a son or daughter has chosen an unpromising, “useless” direction from your point of view, give in. The desire of the child is one of the main criteria when looking for a suitable additional education. Sometimes children find it difficult to choose the type of activity that they would like to engage in after school hours, as they have a poor idea of ​​what is at stake. It will be useful to attend trial classes, open days, find the missing information on the Internet.

Assess your financial and time possibilities. How will the child get to the circle and back? And in the winter in the dark? Learning ballroom dancing will require disproportionately more investment than, for example, chess. Are you ready to invest this money if you already know that some children may drop out of class in the middle? Will the grandmother want to accompany her grandson to vocal lessons three times a week in the evenings?

Did you know something about the teaching staff, about the methods and perspectives of classes? What about your child? Maybe he has long dreamed of getting to the lady who teaches Spanish to his classmate? The personality of the teacher is of great importance, especially for primary school students and preschoolers. In some circles you can study «for yourself», in others — strict attendance, focus on competitive activities, competitions and performances. What are you looking for?

The child must have enough time for sleep and rest. Uncontrolled running around between school and several circles can lead to stress, nervous exhaustion. It is important to determine the optimal load for your child, even if it is “just” one lesson once a week. After all, it is not the number of hours that matters, but the amount of children’s pleasure and joy.

Assess individual abilities and health status son or daughter. Consult a doctor: will beading worsen vision problems, will playing the violin become an unbearable burden for the spine? Is it possible to work at a computer for a long time in glasses if you are 9 years old?

Leave the child the right to throw a circledespite the effort and resources invested. Find out why your son refuses to attend classes — what if you can solve problems without giving up classes? If the efforts of dad and mom turned out to be in vain and you hear a categorical refusal — show respect, listen and go forward.

Sometimes a child from the very beginning can declare that he loves sleep most of all and there will be no circles this year. Be sure to talk to him and check the current load together: maybe something can be abandoned? Or maybe it’s time to visit a doctor or a child psychologist? In any case, you definitely don’t need to force anyone to go somewhere outside of school.

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