How are vacuum bags with a valve for storing things and clothes


Today, vacuum bags are popular in many countries. Especially where living space is limited in size. Vacuum bags are suitable for things, clothes, bed linen, blankets, pillows, soft toys and other soft items filled with air. Vacuum bags mainly consist of three elements:

  • Vacuum bag;
  • Zip-lock fastener;
  • Valve.

Many factories try to produce vacuum bags because of the apparent simplicity of the design, but not everything is so simple. There are many nuances in the production of vacuum bags that affect the quality. The use of cheap polyethylene leads to the fact that the bags lose their softness, density and elasticity. Such packages are very cheap, but short-lived.

It happens that after buying vacuum bags for storage in large stores, you start using them and find cracks. This happens when cheap raw materials are used for production. These vacuum bags are usually made from a simple, cheap mixture of PET + PE (polyethylene terephthalate + polyethylene). Polyethylene terephthalate is a strong but tough material from which plastic bottles are made. Such vacuum bags are less elastic and fail faster during operation (when the buyer folds the bag several times or pumps out air). Serious manufacturers of vacuum bags for things use only high-quality polyethylene, as a rule it is a mixture of PA + PE material (polyamide (aka nylon — a more elastic, but durable material) + polyethylene) with a number of layers of 5-7 with a total density of 70-80 microns, thanks to what such packages have great strength, elasticity and durability.

Vacuum bags for clothes are equipped with a special zip-lock (zip-lock) fastener, which is shaped like a double zipper. It helps to securely hold the vacuum in the bags. Vacuum bags with a single zipper will fail much faster. The most difficult element of a vacuum bag for storage is the valve. It depends on its design and reliability how easily the air will be pumped out and how long the bag will hold the vacuum. A high-quality valve always has a silicone backdraft pad, which allows you not to let in the pumped out air. The valve can be supplied with or without a cap. The cover in this case acts as an additional measure of depressurization protection. The choice of vacuum bags for things should be approached carefully and not chased for cheapness, small savings can lead to an overpayment due to poor quality. We will tell you how to choose vacuum bags for things and clothes with a valve in our next article!


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