Herbal tea is a unique drink that combines unique taste, pleasant aroma and health benefits. By the way, herbal drinks in Russia have always been respected — herbs, flowers and fruits of plants were picked by hand in meadows and forests, carefully dried and used to make incredibly tasty, and most importantly — super healthy drinks that helped our ancestors regain strength after hard work, avoid colds and improve health.

These days, herbal drinks have not lost their popularity at all. The abundance of fragrant, spicy and fragrant plants makes it possible to prepare tea for every taste, which does not remain indifferent, because such a drink gives joy, summer mood, tones and invigorates.

By the way, there are many centenarians among lovers of herbal preparations, and this is no coincidence. Teas from herbs, fruits and flowers have a lot of useful properties:

Increase immunity, protect against colds and viral diseases;

have a vitamin and tonic effect;

Strengthen the cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure;

regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract;

soothe, eliminate insomnia and headache;

Give a pleasant aroma, improve mood.

Having studied the valuable properties of natural herbs, we at SIBERINA have created a whole collection of our own herbal teas, collecting the most relevant, delicious and healthy recipes for you. Each fragrant composition contains a unique set of natural Altai herbs that have been grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of chemicals, hand-picked and dried with love and care.

And now let’s take a closer look at our tasty and healthy drinks.

For immunity

Herbal tea «Immune» with calendula and St. John’s wort will help maintain health during the cold season and feel great. It invigorates and gently tones, improves performance, normalizes metabolism and increases resistance to stress.

Despite the preventive measures, are you still sick? Don’t let a cold rule your life — support your body «Cold» herbal tea with raspberry leaves and lime blossom. It will speed up recovery: it moisturizes inflamed mucous membranes, reducing pain from swallowing and other unpleasant symptoms of the disease, normalizes the water balance in the body, and helps to eliminate toxins and toxins.

To recover faster after an illness, drink herbal tea «Vitamin» with rose hips and echinacea. It has a general strengthening effect, supporting a weakened body during periods of autumn and spring beriberi, increases the resistance of the immune system to viruses, therefore it is useful for those who often catch colds.

For calm, clear mind and good mood

Herbal tea «Soothing» with valerian and motherwort will be useful to everyone who lives and works in a very dynamic rhythm, sleeps little, constantly feels physical and mental stress. A cup of warm aromatic herbal tea will help relieve stress, get rid of anxiety and irritability, restore emotional balance and improve sleep.

Herbal tea «Invigorating» with red root and Ivan-tea — another natural «energy» that will help out if your strength is at the limit. This tasty and healthy drink strengthens the immune system, helps to stay in good shape, and most importantly, it acts gently and is not addictive. By the way, it is great for replenishing strength during long walks and sports.

And fragrant herbal tea «Refreshing» with mint and ziziphora will be very useful in the morning when you need to quickly cheer up, overcome drowsiness and bad mood. It affects the nervous system, helping to calm down, put thoughts and feelings in order, gives a boost of energy and optimism.

For beauty, slimness and health

Are you struggling with extra pounds? Natural tea «Slimming» with orange peel and senna leaves will be your assistant on the way to a slim and beautiful figure! As part of the tea composition — biologically active substances that have a lymphatic drainage effect, allow you to control your appetite, which contributes to a smooth and safe weight loss.

And the next tea is created especially for women. No wonder it is called «Source of beauty and youth» with Japanese Sophora and oregano. Tea has an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, helps restore hormonal levels and strengthens women’s health. In addition, it contains herbs that improve the condition of the skin and hair. Result: you feel and look great!

Another purely feminine drink — herbal tea «Women’s Health» with boron uterus and red brush. It will help eliminate the hormonal imbalance against which many gynecological diseases develop, support the body during stress, protracted illnesses and the use of antibiotics, and also contains many substances necessary for the female body: phytohormones and phytoestrgen, flavonoids and tannins, vitamins C and K, thiamine and riboflavin.

We have not forgotten about the strong sex! Herbal tea «Male» with golden and maral root — a real drink of male strength and health, which fights physical and mental overwork, strengthens the immune system, normalizes the level of male sex hormones and helps to increase sexual activity, returning a man the joy of life and interest in the opposite sex.

To overcome bad habits

One of the mildest and most effective folk ways to combat alcoholism is to connect a healthy herbal drink, such as our tea, to the treatment. «Anti-alcohol» with centaury and wormwood. It helps to reduce cravings for alcohol, relieves hangover syndrome, prevents alcohol breakdown and hard drinking. Tea also activates natural processes aimed at restoring the normal functioning of all organs and systems affected by alcohol consumption.

Are you quitting smoking? Help your body to more easily and easily go through the process of adapting to a new life without this bad habit, reduce the physical and psychological discomfort that occurs when quitting nicotine. Herbal tea «For smokers» with calamus root and eucalyptus — this is an excellent prevention of smoking recurrence, restoration and strengthening of the respiratory system. Win the battle against nicotine addiction once and for all!

To fight cancer

It has been proven that medicinal herbs are reliable allies of traditional medicine in the treatment and prevention of cancer, so doctors often prescribe phytotherapy to patients in combination with the main treatment. Of course, it is impossible to defeat the disease with the help of herbs alone, but it is quite possible to support a weakened body, help it fight, minimize the consequences of drug therapy and improve the quality of life of people with a severe diagnosis. As part of natural «Anticancer» tea — birch chaga, milk thistle, corn stigmas, golden root and other herbs that stimulate the body’s defenses, help reduce inflammation in tissues and maintain vitality.

For a keen eye

Anyone who spends a lot of time daily at a computer and smartphone is familiar with such problems as irritation, discomfort, burning sensation and a feeling of «sand» in the eyes. To help yourself with prolonged visual stress and overwork, add to your diet herbal tea «For eye health» with blueberries and eyebright. These herbs contain many beneficial substances that improve the metabolism in the tissues of the eye, eliminate inflammation, relieve tension in the eye muscles, providing your eyes with comfort and relaxation.

How to brew herbal teas to get the maximum benefit?

The process itself, it would seem, is simple — even a child can handle it, but even here there are subtleties.

So there are 2 main ways. The first familiar to everyone and suitable for general strengthening fees that can be drunk like regular tea at any time of the day:

1. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of tea into the teapot and pour hot water over it.

2. Let it brew for 20-30 minutes so that the tea reveals its taste.

Second way a little more difficult. It is used for types of tea that are recommended to be consumed according to a certain scheme in order to achieve a healing effect and at the same time not harm the body:

1. Pour tea with hot water (the dosage depends on the specific variety).

2. Infuse in a water bath (15-20 minutes) or in a thermos (1-2 hours).

3. Strain, take dosed (1/2 or 1/3 cup) during the day — usually during or before meals.

If in doubt which method to choose, just use our recommendations: on each tea package we give specific information on the brewing method, up to the proportions of tea and water, and also indicate the required steeping time.

Try herbal teas from SIBERINA — treat yourself to the pleasure of a delicious aromatic drink, and give your body a boost of vitamins and benefits from nature. Happy tea!


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