Hair fell off makeup brushes, how is your mood after the holidays?


“Well, again, these brushes are getting lint! I’ll have to buy others … ”- once again you repeat, seeing after applying makeup, the pile from the brushes on your face. Tired of spending money looking for the right option? First you need to figure out what is made of what and which ones are better to take.

Makeup brushes are, as everyone knows, made of natural and synthetic material. It would seem that natural pile means that this is the best option, but not always! Let’s figure it out. Of the advantages of makeup brushes made of natural bristles, we can indicate that such brushes pick up makeup well and they are very soft, which is ideal for sensitive skin, but such brushes cannot be used with bright pigment — it clogs the smallest flakes of the pile and remains there no matter how long you didn’t wash them. Also of the minuses, there is a possibility that such a pile, like all natural, can cause allergies and do not forget that such material is short-lived, it deteriorates faster due to the use of liquid textures, frequent washing dries the pile and makes it fluffy and, most importantly , due to the fact that the natural pile is thinner than artificial, it tends to fall out of the attachment to the brush and remain on the face.

As for artificial material, there are a number of advantages, namely. Now manufacturers are choosing a higher quality artificial material than before, and to the touch it cannot be distinguished from natural. If you are allergic, then makeup brushes with artificial bristles are ideal — they will never develop an allergy. And do not forget that with such brushes you can work with the brightest pigments for the coolest makeup, and after washing the brushes there will be no pigment left on them. And as a small bonus — they are durable and no matter how many mine they are, they always remain in their original form and do not crumble due to a thicker pile.

As a result, we can say that progress does not stand still and makeup brushes made of artificial material are in no way inferior to brushes with natural bristles, and sometimes even outperform them in quality. It’s time to take your lint-free face makeup to the next level.


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