fine motor skills — a set of coordinated human actions aimed at performing accurate small movements with the hands and fingers and toes.

From an anatomical point of view, about a third of the entire area of ​​the motor projection of the cerebral cortex is occupied by the projection of the hand, located very close to the speech zone. Therefore, the development of a child’s speech is inextricably linked with the development of fine motor skills.

Every minute in a person’s life, it is required to perform some kind of fine motor activity: fastening buttons, manipulating small objects, writing, drawing, etc., therefore, his quality of life directly depends on its development.

Toys for the development of a child’s motor skills are different: all kinds of sorters and pyramids, lacing and puzzles, bodyboards, businessdoms, etc. There are a lot of examples, but let’s look at some of them.

We will start with such an educational toy as puzzles.

In this developing puzzle, everything is thought out to the smallest detail:

there is a whole palette of colors and patterns that can attract and interest the child. Comparing the pieces of the puzzle together, the child will develop imagination and associative thinking (a concept that reflects the use of associations), he will learn to understand which object is comparable to one or another animal. The constant shifting of the liners, the interest to pull them out and put them in is an integral process in the development of motor skills in a child.

In the following description, we want to tell you about a simple but very entertaining toy like lacing.

At first glance, the toy is very simple and you should not even pay attention to it, BUT it is not. Lacing perfectly fulfills its main mission — it develops fine motor skills and logic. The main goal of the game is to lace the figure with a cord. There are no specific algorithms or rules for lacing, which means that this toy is a whole field for your baby’s fantasy and imagination.

The final article in today’s article and, perhaps, one of the most popular educational toys is bodyboard.

Bodyboards come in different types and formats, but the most interesting thing about them is that they combine all of the above toys and forms of development for your child. Its compact size allows you to use it both at home and on the go.

Everything you need for the development of your baby is in this business board: lacing, gears, hecks, various twists, etc.

With our business board, the baby will get acquainted with numbers, learn to distinguish colors. Due to the abundance of different colors and functionality, the business board will captivate the child with an interesting activity for a long time, which will allow you to go about your business.

All our toys are completely safe for the child. All parts are made of high quality wood, painted with child-safe paint and water-based varnish.

Summing up this article, I would like to add that all our toys are aimed at developing fine motor skills in a child, his imagination and thinking. That is why they are correct! When choosing toys for your baby, base your choice on the benefits and development of your baby.

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