Find out what kind of eye care you need

Gone are the days when face cream was the only, and therefore universal cosmetic product, and it was used even for the skin around the eyes.

Now special products are being developed for this delicate zone: creams, masks and even serums. Let’s talk about 3W Clinic eye cream.

What is eye cream

The skin around the eyes is special And she really needs special care. First, it is very thin. Secondly, tender and sensitive. It contains almost no sebaceous and sweat glands, and, compared with the skin of other areas of the face, it has less collagen and elastin.

To preserve the youth and beauty of the skin of the eyelids, we must regularly care for it. To clear means specially intended for this purpose. Moisturize and nourish with creams — it is advisable to use those that solve a specific problem.

Benefits of using:

  • Rejuvenation. The cream helps to quickly improve the condition of the skin and reduce the severity of age-related changes. It brightens age-related pigmentation, reduces the depth and severity of wrinkles, restores the smoothness, firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.
  • Recovery. The cream inhibits pathogenic microflora, kills pathogenic bacteria, stimulates tissue regeneration, improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and activates local immunity.

    More information about the product can be found here: 3W Clinic eye cream

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