«Eternal youth»: how to choose a device for RF facelift


In this review, we will explain what skin aging looks like from a scientific point of view, how it can be influenced, and how different types of lifting devices can help you with this.

What are collagen and elastin?

Elastin and collagen are structural proteins produced by fibroblasts. By structure, they are long chains and fibrils. These proteins differ from each other in their ability to stretch. Elastin, for example, can stretch and return to its original state after the load is removed, while collagen is not capable of stretching and has a supporting function.

In total, 28 types of collagen are known, which differ in amino acid composition. The content of collagen I and II type prevails in the skin. Type IV collagen is located in the skin between the epidermal and dermal layers, making up the bulk of the basement membrane (the layer between the two layers of the skin). With a high content of type IV collagen, the skin looks toned and smooth.

The combination of two proteins provides a framework that maintains skin elasticity, strength and elasticity of tissues in the body, supports the frame of the face oval, and increases the protective barrier of the epidermis.

As the skin ages, fibroblast activity decreases and less protein is produced. Such a process begins after 25 years and during menopause, the activity of fibroblasts is significantly reduced. A decrease in collagen and elastin in the skin leads to dryness, slower regeneration processes, the appearance of mimic and deep wrinkles. To slow down the natural aging process, it is important to regularly use appropriate cosmetics and resort to hardware methods, one of which is radio wave face lifting.

What you need to know about RF-lifting?

RF lifting is a popular anti-aging procedure, which is performed using a special radio wave device that heats up the deep layers of the skin (dermis and hypodermis). The surface of the skin is not affected in any way, therefore, if the procedure is carried out correctly, any burns and damage to the skin are excluded. After the session, slight redness may remain, which will pass fairly quickly.

Radio waves, penetrating into the epidermis, trigger the natural mechanisms for the restoration of collagen and elastin fibers. Long stretched fibers connecting the dermis and epidermis contract, the skin becomes firm and elastic again, the severity of the jowls, the “second chin” and nasolabial folds decreases, the facial frame strengthens, post-acne disappears. The skin becomes more even, smooth and beautiful. Even the complexion is greatly improved.

The RF facelift procedure can be carried out in different modes — it depends on the type of apparatus and settings. The difference lies in the power, temperature and polarity of the device. There are several types of RF-lifting.

Monopolar — the very first type of radio wave lifting, which is distinguished by a maniple with one active electrode. As a result, the skin is worked out at one depth, the energy goes deep into the skin. This is a fairly powerful effect, somewhat dangerous if used improperly for the skin of the body. In monopolar devices, the skin warms up to very high temperatures (about 50-60 degrees). The monopolar method cannot be used for thin skin areas. Perfect for the correction of cellulite and local fat deposits.

Bipolar — has two active electrodes, the energy passes purposefully through the skin area. In this type of RF lifting, it is possible to switch the power and temperature of exposure, the effect here is less aggressive, so it can be used to work out thin and delicate areas.

Tripolar (multipolar) — equipped with several electrodes that are activated in turn and warm up the skin area from all sides and in different directions. This type allows you to regularly change the polarity and has the most gentle mode with low temperature and high processing speed. This type of RF-lifting is suitable for owners of any skin type and can be used on the entire body.

The main effects of radio wave lifting:

stretched proteins regain their former elasticity and elasticity, their performance is restored;

there is a noticeable facelift, wrinkles are smoothed, both mimic and deep;

blood circulation and lymph circulation are accelerated, unnecessary fatty deposits are destroyed;

The skin tone is leveled, the complexion improves;

Reduces the severity of post-acne, scars and scars;

restores elasticity, density and tone of the skin.

Before carrying out RF-lifting of the face, it is necessary to apply a special gel that performs several functions:

1. improves the penetration of radio waves;

2. ensures smooth sliding of the handpiece over the skin;

3. delicately cools the skin and protects it from overheating;

4. enhances the effect of RF-lifting, and also, depending on the active components, provide an additional result.

RF-lifting is recommended to be carried out in courses, which consist of 7-10 procedures with an interval of 10-12 days. One session lasts 20-40 minutes. After the course, you need to take a break for at least six months. During the break, do not forget to use special anti-aging cosmetics, as well as other hardware procedures that improve the appearance and quality of the skin.

Overview of devices for RF-lifting of the face

Massager for RF-lifting m1607 from Gezatone

A multifunctional device that can be used not only for radio wave lifting, but also for myostimulation, vibration massage, microcurrent therapy and chromotherapy. The combination of these procedures gives an incredible result: the skin is tightened, its firmness, tone and elasticity are improved, skin tone is evened out, complexion is improved, wrinkles are smoothed out. The device is very easy to use. All procedures are as comfortable as possible, suitable for owners of any skin type. The device has a compact size and light weight, which allows you to take it with you on trips.

Device for non-surgical RF-lifting m1610 from Gezatone

A portable device with six different functions that will help restore the beauty and youthfulness of the skin at home. Radio wave lifting, galvanization, chromotherapy, electromyostimulation, vibromassage and cooling — these opportunities will replace your trip to a beauty salon, which means they will save time and money. You can combine the procedures with each other or carry them out separately, depending on your needs. The m1610 is quite easy to use thanks to the detailed instructions. Explore the possibilities of the device and arrange real days of beauty without leaving your home.

Massager for facial skin care RF Lifting m1601 from Gezatone

The universal device is equipped with four levels of intensity, which will allow you to adjust to individual parameters and carry out the procedure even for those with sensitive skin. Due to the fact that the device is suitable not only for the face, but also for the body, you can use it for weight loss and body shaping. The device works from the mains, so you do not need to think before each procedure whether it is charged or not. Enjoy salon treatments at home. In addition to RF-lifting, the device has the functions of electromyostimulation, vibration massage and red light chromotherapy.

Apparatus for RF-lifting procedures OK 018 Bio Sonic from Gezatone

A powerful device that will allow you to strengthen, tighten and smooth the skin of the face and body, as well as correct cellulite and local fat deposits at home. The results of using the device are noticeable after the first use, and over time, the effect will only increase. During the procedure, you will not feel any discomfort. The device affects the skin with two types of energy that reinforce each other, and also has two maniples for the face and body. Unlike previous models, OK 018 Bio Sonic is not portable, you can’t take it with you on the road, but due to this, it has more power and capabilities.


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