Dryer for greens: where did it come from, how to use it and why.


Historical facts

The first dryer for greens was invented in the 19th century. The kitchen used wire baskets that needed to be twisted. The basket itself was fixed on the sink with rubber suction cups.

However, this design was impractical. During the washing and drying process, water splashed around and fell on the cook.

The first centrifuge similar to the modern one was registered in 1974. Its author was the French inventor Jean Matlet.

What is needed for

The salad centrifuge is used for drying herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits. After cleaning, the leaves must be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, sauces and oil will drain from them. In addition, a wet salad will not crunch, which will affect the taste and appearance of the dish.

The dryer allows you to effectively remove moisture from the surface of the greenery. You can dry the salad in just 30 seconds.

Features of our products

We offer dryers for greenery Linet and centrifuge clover. With the help of a simple kitchen accessory, you can quickly dry lettuce leaves, herbs, small fruits and vegetables, berries.

The centrifuge is made in the form of a container with a built-in colander. To dry the greens, just place it in a container, cover with a lid and scroll a little. After that, the moisture will remain in the container.

Our Benefits:

-The dryer is made of safe food grade plastic with no toxic smell.
— Thanks to the collapsible design, it is easy to maintain, easy to clean and dry.
-When using the centrifuge does not require the use of force. The disc spins and moves easily.
-Accessory effectively removes moisture from the greens, leaving the salad crispy.

The range includes both small dryers and a dimensional centrifuge for large portions of greens.

Happy cooking!


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