Dish dryers: how to choose?


Most of the effort and time is spent on maintaining cleanliness and order near the sink. Dirty dishes are washed here and clean ones are dried, in the old fashioned way — on a towel. Putting things in order will help properly selected dryer for dishes. We tell you what they are, so that you definitely do not make a mistake with the choice.

1. Organizer dryer

Dryer-organizers are usually equipped with several sections for dishes and appliances, as well as special trays for collecting flowing water, which are easily removed if necessary. Roomy models allow you to dry a large number of dishes at once, but take up a lot of space on the countertop. To save storage space, pay attention to transforming dryers with removable elements and folding models.

Drainer for dishes Holster gray from Umbra

2. Mat-stand

High-quality drying mats are made from silicone, plastic, rubber, or microfiber. The former usually have a ribbed surface: the flowing water accumulates in the grooves, which ensures complete drying of the dishes. Microfiber models absorb water and dry quickly.

Dryer for dishes with mat Xdry gray

Pay attention to the mats that come with multi-level dryers. They save space and ensure the safe drying of glasses. Before buying, make sure that the hooks are strong enough to fix the legs of the glasses well in one position.

3. Dryer in the sink

Dryers that fit in the sink are great for those who don’t like to clutter up the countertop. Such accessories are usually made of rubber or silicone. Their characteristic features are compactness and a ribbed surface that provides high-quality drainage.

Underlay-dryer for the sink Sling small brand Umbra.

A dish dryer is an assistant in organizing order. If you rarely turn on the dishwasher, the right accessory will come in handy in your kitchen.


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