What material are the bowls made from?

Let’s consider several types.

Pet bowls can be plastic, ceramic, porcelain, metal.

The most common option is plastic utensils. It is not expensive and can please you with its variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Easy to wash and do not break. The composition of the material must be environmentally friendly so as not to harm your pet.

Ceramic and porcelain pet bowls are less popular. Although now more and more in demand. These bowls are much more expensive than plastic ones. They are heavy and less mobile. It will be difficult for the cat to turn it over. The main disadvantage of such dishes is that they break easily and chips easily appear on it. Which is not safe for your pet.

Metal utensils are as popular as plastic ones, but their variety of shapes is significantly inferior to plastic bowls. These bowls often have a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping on the floor. They wash well and do not give in to scratches. The disadvantage of such dishes is that it rattles, that is, if your pet eats dry food, then every time you will hear how he eats. Well, if the bowl turned over, then your pet may be scared of this sound. Metal bowls are more expensive than plastic bowls.

What are the bowls?

Automatic feeders (mechanical and electronic)

In mechanical food, it is poured out when the bowl is empty, in electronic food according to the schedule. Great for when you need to leave your pet alone for a long time.

Slow feeding bowls

— suitable for animals with nutritional problems. Such a bowl slows down the speed of eating.

Separate bowls

You will need two such feeders: one for food, the other for water. The most commonly used bowl option for pet owners.

double bowls

Easy to use and look great in the interior, also save space. Mostly animals drink and eat from such bowls without problems. Such dishes are well suited for feeding two animals at the same time.

Anatomic bowls

Such bowls are created taking into account the structural features of animals. Proper bowl height and a 15° bowl angle will help reduce strain on your pet’s cervical spine.

Drinking bowls

A convenient bowl option if you have to leave your pet alone at home for a while. Water enters such bowls as the volume of water in the container decreases. Their water is always clean.

In fact, the assortment of bowls today is simply huge. You can choose any option that suits your pet. The right bowl is the comfort and safety of the animal itself.

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