Botanik plant nutrition supplement based on zeolite: care plus protection. How it works?

Zeolite is a mineral formed as a result of the interaction of lava and rocks. Its composition makes it valuable: it contains a huge amount of useful chemical elements. Combined with the ability to ion exchange, regulation of soil moisture capacity, environmental friendliness, natural zeolites and additives based on them are a real find for gardeners and plant lovers.

Useful properties and composition

Why is zeolite so attractive to flower growers?

FirstlyIt is completely natural, safe and non-toxic. Being formed in the bowels of the earth as a result of complex processes, zeolite is not subject to technogenic influence.

Since the Botanik nutritional supplement is based on a product of natural origin, it is environmentally friendly and suitable for growing all kinds of plants: ornamental flowers, seedlings, herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

Secondly, the ability of volcanic zeolites to absorb moisture, salts of heavy metals, without changing their structure (not to be confused with sedimentary zeolites, which are used as cat litter — they crumple when wet). In return, zeolites give useful substances to the soil, which are so necessary for plants.

Therefore, the Botanik additive is hygroscopic, does not cake, increases the porosity of the soil and increases the access of oxygen to the roots, which has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system.

It protects plants from both waterlogging and drying out. This makes it an ideal soil for growing cacti and other succulents.

Yes, it didn’t seem to you: Botanik can be used not only as a fertilizer or nutrient supplement for the soil, but also as an independent substrate, without the risk of overdose and root burns.

Thirdlyrich chemical composition. The Botanik nutritional supplement contains more than 30 types of various micro and macro elements, such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, iodine and many others, and in an easily digestible form.

Thus, the additive based on Botanik zeolite not only enriches the composition of the soil, increases its porosity, but also neutralizes nitrates and other harmful compounds, which is important for growing vegetables and fruit trees.

Product line

The three most important elements for any crop are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (the so-called NPK formula).

Nitrogen is responsible for the formation of green mass, phosphorus helps abundant flowering, potassium is necessary for all parts of plants.

You do not need to delve into all the details yourself: the manufacturer has already taken into account the different ratios of NPK in their products.

Botanik universal — has a wide range of applications. Suitable for all types of plants: vegetables, herbs, shrubs, trees, lawns, flowers. Optimally balanced composition to maintain plant health.

Botanik for flowering plants — for all types of flowering plants. Helps to set buds, maintains long flowering, preventing the plant from becoming exhausted.

Botanik for green plants — for all types of green plants, helps to actively grow leaves.

Botanik for vegetables — for all types of vegetables, taking into account the needs of vegetable crops. Helps increase productivity.


  • Natural composition without growth stimulants, nitrates and pesticides.
  • Possibility of year-round use.
  • Ease of application, unlike liquid and concentrated fertilizers.
  • Increasing the rate of growth of green mass and root system.
  • Reducing the likelihood of diseases, helping plants with stressful climatic influences.
  • Production in Russia from raw materials mined in more than 10 regions of our country, which allows the manufacturer to set a competitive price.
  • Convenient packaging: 800 g and 3 kg. Just select the required volume, suitable for the use case you need.

The latest developments of Russian specialists together with colleagues from Germany, as well as the power of nature itself, made it possible to obtain a truly unique product. Take care of your plants with Botanik!

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