Books and textbooks are very important for the development of our children, so there are many of them in every home. A stand for books and textbooks is an indispensable thing in every home where a student grows up. Its use increases comfort during classes, freeing up space on the table. The vertical arrangement of the textbook saves children’s vision.

Stand for textbooks

The RAMMAX textbook stand is made of metal and this allows it to hold books of great weight, it does not bend under weight and does not break when dropped. Holds the textbook firmly in a comfortable position for the eyes and you can easily change the angle. A specially designed clip securely fixes the pages. Its design is ideal for holding the textbook open and at the optimal viewing angle. The stand for textbooks can be with or without additional side holders. Additional side holders help to hold a wide or hardback book open more securely.

Stable and durable, the RAMMAX textbook stand with an incredibly beautiful design will bring your child’s desk to life. Stylish bookends will be a bright and useful gift for your child.

Sliding holders for books and textbooks

For convenient storage of books and textbooks, we offer you RAMMAX sliding holders. Colorful drawings on the holders will make your children’s studies exciting and varied.

The holder allows you to store books and place them in close access. Vertical storage will help clean up and save space on your desk. RAMMAX bookends are made of metal and are therefore very stable. The colorful coating on the holders is very high quality and will serve you for many years.

Sturdy metal construction holds multiple books or textbooks. The convenient way of operation and the compact size will allow to place it on any surfaces. The holder extends from 10 to 50 cm.

Makes a great gift for a little book lover!

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