With the advent of spring and the first warm days, we happily take off our fur coats, put the fluffy sweater on the far shelf, and throw the hat away on the mezzanine. Finally, you can forget about the heavy and massive wardrobe for a long time. But in our latitudes, one should not forget that winter is coming, and in a few months the knitted blouse will again come out of the closet twilight.

After several months of storage in a closed space with poor ventilation and high humidity, clothes are saturated with various smells, and at the end you can get a whole “bouquet” of musty, damp, mold and kitchen fumes. How to properly store winter things, protect them from staleness and insects?

Natural herbs or chemical flavor?

Now there is a huge number of flavors for every taste and budget. We decided to approach this issue in an unconventional way, but respecting the original traditions. Aromatic sachets MURAVA Home — These are only natural herbs with a high content of essential oils. Plants are collected in ecologically clean corners of the globe — mountains and plains of Altai, Krasnodar Territory, North Caucasus, Crimea. Each bag contains a unique collection created on the basis of ancient recipes of our ancestors. Therefore, it can be used not only as a fragrance for the closet, but simply put next to it. for healthy sleep, stress and fatigue relief, prevention of colds.

Any flavoring loses its properties over time, but not herbs. If the sachet begins to lose its smell, it is enough to knead it in your hand, the essential oils will play with colors again and will delight you with a fragrant aroma for a long time to come. And, perhaps, the main plus in favor of naturalness — safety for children and pets. By the way, we have not forgotten about our smaller brothers, we have a separate sachet for beds and scratching posts — with catnip.

What flavor to choose for things?

The first to enter the battle is heavy artillery — fur coats, fur and woolen products. For them, it is imperative to use a lavender flavor, then not a single mole will make its way to valuable things. In addition to the classic version with lavender, we recommend that you take a closer look at the collection «Healthy sleep«, in which sage, thyme and other fragrant herbs are also added.

The fresh aroma of clothes and linen will be taken care of by sachets with the addition of high-menthol mint, among which are “Antistress» and «Lavender and mint«. And lovers of nature and endless fields will be delighted with the summer aroma «Antigrippin» with chamomile, tansy, agrimony, St. John’s wort and birch leaf.

For children’s things, we have prepared a small sachet «frosty chamomile«. Its flowers are especially valued for their hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties, and menthol, in addition to freshness, promotes sound sleep.

If you want to try everything at once or please your loved ones with natural aromas, gift sets at an economical price will come to the rescue — «Murava Box”, where the most popular sachets and herbal preparations are collected, and“lavender dreams”, which instantly teleports to the legendary meadows of Provence.

Storage rules.

Of course, in addition to aromatizationyou must follow the basic rules for storing things.

Regularly ventilate cupboard. Space organizers recommend doing a “general” cleaning every six months. Periodically, you need to open the cabinet doors when airing the room.

Follow humidity. If for some reason it exceeds 60%, put a glass of salt or silica gel in the closet — they will take away excess moisture, the main cause of mustiness. Another inexpensive and affordable absorbent is activated carbon.

Do not store clean clothes and clothes that have already been worn on the same shelf. throw away old things, and seasonal ones can be stored in vacuum bags with aroma sachets. And of course, do not forget to carry out wet cleaning, sort out things, especially those that have been in the closet for a long time.

Happy shopping and only fresh flavors!

MURAVA Home team.

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