3 tips on how to properly organize the space in the apartment


Home is the most important place in the life of every person. We understand how important it is, when you come home from work, to feel comfortable, to see cleanliness, and not to do the cleaning again and again.

Let’s share with you a little secret: in an organized apartment, putting things in order is not required. Everything is so convenient that things themselves return to their places or lie where you expect to find them.

And now we will tell you how to create an organized space in your apartment.


The key rule of an organized home: things are easy to take and easy to put in place. If your closet is kept in order for only two days, then this is because the things in it are uncomfortable — both for you and for other family members.

How to solve this problem? Analyze what you use most often, and what less often. For example, in the morning you drink coffee every day and take out a jar from the farthest corner. What for? Move the jar to the front row of your closet, then it will always be at hand and lie in its place.

An excellent option for organizing space in the kitchen would be a wall mounted cabinet from the company «Your Furniture». The neutral color and classic style of the cabinet allow it to easily become a part of any interior. A convenient horizontal position will provide comfortable access to any kitchen utensils.


Consider how your day starts. Arrange your belongings step by step according to the scenario to spend less time on packing. For example, a hair dryer with a mirror and a socket, the keys are at the exit. Also, things can be stored by theme: New Year’s decor, picnic set, etc. In this case, a multifunctional rack will be a great helper, and its white color will add an atmosphere of lightness and airiness to your interior.


The last rule is beauty is all around us. The house should inspire new dreams and impulses, and for this it is important for us that we are surrounded by comfort and aesthetics. But, everyone has their own, right?We offer you an option for every taste and color. The bedside table from the Sonata series combines functional convenience with an open space under the drawer where you can hide items you want to quickly access. And thanks to its simple lines and accent fronts, the product is easily combined with other interior elements, while creating a fresh and organic look.

All these tips will help you organize your home space and comfort. You will spend less time cleaning and searching for the necessary things — after all, everything is in its place!


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