It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve already spent working remotely — you can always find ways to improve your workspace!


Make sure your work area is well lit. The compact LED lamp will give you a lot of bright white light. To save space on the table, choose models with a clamp (this is the clamp with which the base of the lamp is securely screwed to the edge of the table).

Some lamps, in addition to their main function, have additional ones: a glass for stationery or a clock.

A place for you and for your computer

There are many ways to achieve maximum concentration in the home workplace. For example, accurately reproduce at home all the significant details of the working environment, from an office chair to a stapler. Or, on the contrary, remove everything superfluous, leaving only the significant for you personally.

For example, a kitchen worktop can also work as a table, if there is nothing distracting on it, but you will have an armchair as “businesslike” and comfortable as possible.

Everyone has their own formula for effective work. If you can and prefer to work without leaving the couch, take care of a laptop: especially for such cases, cooling pads and small tables are produced.

A computer desk can be large enough to fit a laptop and a cup of coffee, and nothing more. The best furniture for concentrating on the work task.

Planning, creativity and communication

Time management experts advise you to furnish your workplace so that nothing distracts you, so travel souvenirs, stuffed animals and puzzles should be put aside.

But there is a work area where bright colors, imagery and even slight madness will be very out of place. This is the area of ​​generating ideas, big goals, creative challenges and communication. Hang a corkboard or magnetic board at home to show off your ideas. In our selection there is an amazing lot, a mystery item: a magnetic marker board that disguises itself as a cork board.


If you miss the office, why not find the same stationery set as the one on your desk. If you work from home for the first year, then you deserve the «Gift for a First Grader». No matter how deep your nostalgia lies, you have the opportunity to give yourself joy, and there is a lot of it in stationery!

What best sets you up for work? Share in the comments!

Photo from the personal archive of Nina Travina and Anastasia Bogdanovskaya.

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