What should be the first clothes for babies?

For a long nine months of waiting, young parents want to be as ready as possible for the birth of a child and prepare everything necessary for his arrival. Until quite recently, only diapers were needed for a newborn, and today the first clothes for babies are already put on in the maternity hospital shortly for discharge. The most pleasant chores are the purchase of important things that the baby will need in the first days and weeks of life.

As practice shows, the acquisition of a large number of a wide variety of costumes, nipples and toys is the desire of parents, and not a necessity, since the child grows very quickly and does not even have time to put on many things from his wardrobe even once.

It’s important to know:

  • Wearable things should be made of cotton and calico, or hypoallergenic fabrics;
  • Clothing should be comfortable, in no case should you press or rub, because the baby has very delicate skin. Better a little more than “size to size”, because the baby is growing rapidly and after a few weeks the things bought in size will become small for him;
  • Each brand has its own size chart, and it may differ from others;
  • Synthetics and fabrics that do not allow air to pass through can cause allergies and sweating;
  • When buying clothes for an unborn baby, you need to remember that the average height of a newborn is about 50 centimeters.


  • It looks like a T-shirt, with short or long sleeves and fasteners between the legs. Bodysuits are convenient because the back of the baby is always closed and the fabric will not wrinkle and rub the skin, and the shoulders will not slip. Very comfortable clothes for both summer and winter.
  • Bonnets

    Most often they are made from natural hypoallergenic fabrics. A newborn needs both a thin bonnet for hot weather, which protects from the breeze, and a tighter one for cold weather.

  • Overalls

At low temperatures, the baby is taken out for a walk, wearing warm clothes. The most comfortable thing in this case will be overalls. In it, the baby will feel as comfortable as possible, and the cold wind will not blow him. Overalls are very comfortable, which, if necessary, can be transformed into an envelope.

  • sliders

    Easy-to-use panties with closed legs and fastening with a hanger or an elastic band. Great clothes for a newborn. Thanks to the closed legs in the sliders, you can not wear socks.

  • The Big Happy Baby brand is comfortable, breathable and stylish clothes for babies.

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