Bought cool jeans, but your shoes don’t fit. Has it happened? We have yes. Either the legs seem short, or the ankles are thick, or the legs drag along the floor … We know how to solve your problem! Let’s tell you what to wear with this year’s fashionable bell-bottoms.

With square toe shoes

Bell-bottoms were worn in the 70s, paired with square-toed platform shoes. It was no other than a time machine that transferred this combination to 2022! Beyond the retro sound this combination emphasizes the length of the legs: just make sure that the shoes have a heel.

Best of all, shoes and low shoes with square toes, massive heels and platforms are combined with flares. They balance the width of the legs, making the silhouette proportional.

With wedges

Another combination from the 70s that feels great in the modern world. Wedges were worn to discos and combined with hippie-style knitted tunics in everyday life. The principle is the same: high wedge and platform lengthen the legs, making the silhouette proportional.

You can wear sandals with open toes that will peek out from under wide legs, or you can choose clogs with closed, rounded toes.

With puffy clogs

The ultra-fashionable model with puffy straps is combined with bell-bottoms due to its volume: it is in proportion to wide legs, and wedge makes legs endless. Such models look feminine, so it is easy to complement the look with an embroidered cotton blouse or a fashionable crocheted top.

With sandals with wide heels

Most elegant of all the images, flares will be made up with sandals. The heel should be wide, then the legs will not weigh down the silhouette. Choose the most open models in which your feet will be visible from under the jeans. Sandals with a toe in the form of a straight or beveled square look great.

With thick sandals

You probably already understood the general principle of choosing shoes for flares: they should not be too low so that the legs do not seem short. Here we chose thick-soled sandals to pair with jeans. The pronounced heel and wide welts create additional volume, so shoes will not be lost against the background of wide legs.

With thick-soled slippers

The rule of the previous paragraph applies to slippers as well. Choose models with a platform or thick soles. Like the combination for those who do not like to spend time choosing an image. Slippers are put on in one motion, on top — a tunic and a roomy shopper. Summer look for walks is ready!

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