What are they: the best sponges for washing dishes?

Sponges for washing dishes have become an integral part of any kitchen. We often do not pay attention to them, buying in supermarkets a package of those that just came to hand. Meanwhile, the right sponges for the kitchen can greatly facilitate the dishwasher process.

What are the typical disadvantages of sponges do we know?

You barely have time to pick up colored sponges from the supermarket, and they are already sticking and crumbling. Cheap, fine-pored foam rubber, from which such sponges are made, increases the consumption of dish detergent due to slow absorption and poor foaming. A natural sponge, for example, a jute sponge or a bamboo fiber sponge, is not ideologically compatible with kitchen chemicals, and you need to wash off the fat with something, and you can’t think of a better place for bacteria to breed. The silicone sponge does not fight grease at all, and the popular melamine sponge wears out very quickly. Some household sponges even shock their owners by coloring water or spoiling dishes with scratches, such as a hard metal sponge.

Than sponges for the kitchen from Bumble Goods beamsix others?

The BG team took into account all the listed shortcomings, eliminated them, added their own new developments and stylish design. The result is kitchen sponges that not only look as attractive, reliable, durable and hypoallergenic as possible, but also differ from each other in purpose. Consider the benefits of each in more detail.

Black dish sponges OVAL — universal, suitable for washing dishes and kitchen utensils. Their distinctive feature is viscous foam rubber and elastic abrasive. A sly oval sponge easily reaches the bottom of a tall glass, penetrates into the narrow neck of the meat grinder, crawls under the blender screw. Dirt in hard-to-reach corners of any kitchen appliances is no longer a problem, the sponge cleans them to perfection thanks to its tapered shape. Black dish sponge oval has large pores that quickly absorb dishwashing detergent, lather it abundantly, and are just as quickly washed with a stream of water. Now, to wash a whole mountain of dishes, you will only need one drop of dishwashing liquid, as in the well-known advertisement.

White three-layer sponges for dishes LOTY not only have a truly fantastic appearance, but also have a special washing surface made of medium-porous polyurethane foam, reminiscent of a honeycomb mesh. Thanks to the tenacious threads of such a grid, dried food residues are removed from the surface in one or two passes. That is, you do not have to frantically shake, rubbing every speck, but only maintain the usual pressure. The central black layer consists of soft large-pored foam rubber. As a bonus, this combination of layers gave the sponge a sophisticated look. There are 8, 10 or 12 pieces in different sets. So one package will last you about 2-3 months.

The oval shape of the sponge is not just ergonomic, it is more viable, because the usual rectangular abrasive sponge begins to deteriorate and delaminate precisely from the corners.

And finally, the crown of creation — black sponge for washing dishes PROFI: it is large in size and has a truly fantastic versatility. It is the best choice for kitchen professionals who use the sponge frequently and with high intensity. PROFI consists of soft coarse foam rubber of increased wear resistance and elastic fiber abrasive, which are firmly glued together. Despite the rather harsh and brutal appearance, the sponge has pliability and flexibility, it will not harden when dried, like a cellulose sponge or an organic loofah sponge. It is friendly with any household chemicals, unlike the melanin sponge, so it can also be used as a household sponge for washing the bathroom and windows. PROFI literally save your frying pans, pots and stove, easily returning them to their original and attractive appearance, without losing their shape. The miracle sponge is easily washed from food debris and dries quickly, and therefore, the bacteria inside the sponge will not be able to multiply and exude an unpleasant smell.

Lips from Bumble Goods look as attractive as possible — and this is a fact. They do not create color noise in the kitchen, they can easily fit into any sponge holder for a sink or sink, a dish gel dispenser, a sponge holder for a sink, a kitchen dispenser, a dish dryer. Secondly, they have increased wear resistance, which means they will last you longer, save a lot of money, nerves and dishwasher.

Handy helpers of sponges are black microfiber cloths GRAPHITE. Recently, microfiber (in the common people — a lint-free rag for cleaning) is gaining more and more popularity and for good reason. Due to its increased absorbency, it can quickly collect spilled liquids, drain pots and pans before storing them, wipe glassware without leaving streaks. The result of using a ubokri cloth is no worse than after a tablet for a dishwasher and a dish dryer. After use, the napkin can be hung on the sink organizer, it is also not afraid of washing powder and laundry detergent.

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