Tip: how to choose diapers


What is the most important thing when choosing diapers?⠀

🔰1. Take into account the weight of the child

On each pack of any diapers, the weight range of children for which this or that size is intended is indicated. Manufacturers advise switching to the next size when the baby has not yet reached the lower limit of the recommended weight. For example, if your child wears size M diapers (6-11 kg), as soon as he reaches 9 kg, it is better to start using size L (9-14 kg)⠀

🔰2. Find optimal absorbency and dryness

You can check these parameters only in practice.

On average, a newborn baby takes from 6 to 9 diapers per day. If the diaper has to be changed more often because the baby is wet, you should think about changing the brand or at least the line — even from one manufacturer, they can vary significantly.

🔰3. Do not buy large packages at once

The larger the package, the lower the cost per diaper. However, it is not recommended to buy the largest pack — if the diapers do not fit, the money will be wasted⠀

🔰4. Check softness and thickness

In premium lines, the inner surface of the diaper is always softer and thinner, while in the most inexpensive ones it is more «synthetic» to the touch. We also recommend that you read the reviews of other mothers in advance⠀

🔰5. Pay attention to the scent

If the diaper contains care lotion impregnation, most likely, the smell will be quite noticeable. Many parents like the delicate smell of aloe and chamomile, but due to hormonal changes, many women experience changes in the perception of aromas⠀

🔰6. Rate usability for parents

The filling indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the diaper, a special cutout for the navel helps the umbilical wound heal faster. Such options are always indicated on the packaging.⠀

If you have trouble choosing the right brand of product, try our stamp sets from popular diaper manufacturers 👍


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