The aprons that we offer in this short review are popular with buyers and have proven themselves well.

Apron «Azalea», article 5375852

Good dense lace, dense fabric of the product itself, comfortable and deep pockets on the sides of the apron — these are the main points that are noted in the reviews of this model.

The flounce on the shoulder straps is made of embroidered crystal. Floral pattern looks gentle and airy. The straps criss-cross at the back. The belt ties into a beautiful textured bow.

Apron «Jasmine», article 4387004
This model is distinguished by its special tenderness due to the fabric — artificial silk and the trim of the flounces with fine lace. At the same time, the fabric is dense, does not shine through, irons well and wrinkles a little. Has a hidden chest pocket. A bow waistband provides a custom fit.

Apron with buttons «Flora», article 5375851
The product is a modern interpretation of the traditional Soviet apron. Made from practical polyester with a dense weave that provides a special whiteness. The bib, straps and bottom of the apron are decorated with eye-catching woven lace, making the model look unusual and elegant. There is a chest pocket.

Please note that for all models, the straps on the back must cross, they are sewn into the belt with this in mind! If there are points that you want to clarify, you can ask questions in the product card or study the reviews already left.

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